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I used to believe Mindfulness wasn’t ‘all it’s cracked up to be’ but after coming across a couple courses amongst my TEFL course, I’ve really changed my opinion on it! Here I’ll be sharing techniques and simple lifestyle changes to help increase productivity, motivation and aid you in achieving any goal you put your mind to!

Poetry Time: Night sky

Here’s a little poem I wrote^^ A clear night – you can see every detailSo crisp that it barely seems real.It’s haunting beauty,Illuminates the sky,I just wish you could see it through my eyes.

Mindfulness, what so good about it?

Not so long ago Mindfulness was something I’d laugh at; I didn’t intend to learn more about it either, but as I started my TEFL course it became something more important, more relevant and incredibly helpful. Luckily enough I got two Mindfulness courses for free!As soon as I gained an understanding of Mindfulness and the…

How to stay Organised and Focused whilst Working from Home!

The new Coronavirus has really been causing some chaos recently, but amidst all of that, I’d like to help encourage everyone to have a go at working from home. Obviously there are some who cant, their occupations simple don’t work that way, but there is a vast majority of people who can!One of the biggest…

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